Iran’s exports to West Asia top $7.2 bn in 4 months: TPOI

Farzad Piltan said on Sunday that $7.2 billion in goods weighing 20,850 million tons were exported from Iran to West Asia during the first four months, showing an increase of around 3.8 million tons in weight and $3 million in value compared to the same period in the last year.

During the said period, Iran’s total export to West Asia was 45.4 percent which shows 4.4 percent YOY growth, he added.

The main destinations in West Asia for the Iranian exported goods were China, Iraq, Turkey, and UAE.

Referring to Iran-Suadi Arabia trade, Piltan said that despite the resuming diplomatic ties between the two countries, trade has not yet been formally and directly started between the two countries, so there has not been a report of Iran’s exports to Saudi Arabia during the said period.


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