Iran’s ICC hopes to open trade office in Russia this year

Gholamhossein Shafei, chairman of the Iran Chamber of Commerce (ICC) who has traveled to the Republic of Tatarstan at the head of an Iranian trade delegation to attend the “Kazan Forum 2023” participated in the meeting of the Tatarstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he said that Iran attaches great importance to expanding economic and trade ties with Russian Federation, especially Tatarstan Republic.

He further referred to his consultations over the last few months with Sergei Katyrin, the chairman of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RIAC), who was also present at the Kazan meeting, and said, “The Iranian Chamber has approved the establishment of 5 commercial (trade) offices in countries prone to business growth, and setting up a business office in Russia is our top priority, which we hope will open this year to meet the needs of increased trade exchanges.”

Welcoming the Iranian trade delegation, Sergei Katyrin, said in the meeting, for his part, that “I have already had a discussion with Mr. Shafei about the development of trade exchanges and I agree with his opinion that exchanges of trade delegations in recent months and today’s meeting will help strengthen cooperation.”

“The increase in visits between Iranian and Russian businessmen all bear testimony to the fact that there has been good cooperation in the trade between Iran and Russia and the work done by the two countries has been unprecedented in the business field,” the RIAC chairman further noted.

Referring to the visit of the Russian delegation to Iran last year, he said, “In the previous meeting, we sent a delegation comprising more than 100 people to Iran, and today, the meetings that started with that trip, are responded to by the presence of the Iranian delegation in Kazan.”

“We appreciate the efforts of all Iranian businessmen who pay attention to their market in Russia and are determined to continue doing business between the two countries, and we provide good facilities to them,” the Russian business official further added.

Speaking in the meeting, Shamil Ageev, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan expressed hope that” this meeting will be helpful for the development of trade relations between the two countries.”

“Iran and the Republic of Tatarstan have diverse capacities (potentials) and needs, and by focusing on these issues, the favorable space for the development of bilateral trade is laid,” Ageev added.


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