Iran’s military program solely for defense and deterrence

Kan’ani made the remarks reacting to the recent claims of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who said that Washington is seeking to disrupt Iran’s military procurement activities, as well as the new anti-Iranian sanctions.
The provocative statements of the US Secretary of State regarding Iran’s military program are made with the sole purpose of continuing the marketing of US weapons by fueling the failed project of Iranophobia and creating discord among the countries of the region, he underlined.
Contrary to the ill-considered statements of the American regime’s Secretary of State, the Islamic Republic of Iran, within the framework of the neighborhood policy, has always emphasized dialogue, participation and regional cooperation to ensure the security and common interests of the countries of the region, away from the interference of foreigners, the senior Iranian diplomat stressed.
The positive and progressing developments in the region are also in the same direction, he added.
Considering the wrong actions of the US regime over decades as the source of insecurity, instability, and war in the region, Kan’ani called on the US to stop its erroneous, interventionist and irresponsible approaches regarding the issues of the regional countries and let the process of strengthening stability and peace continue on its path with the cooperation and participation of the countries of the region.

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