Iran’s relations with neighbors developing, consolidating: Deputy FM

Bagheri, who is in Moscow to meet with Russia officials, said, “The policy of Iran’s 13th government is to develop cooperation with neighboring countries. These relations are on the path of deepening and developing in various fields”.

Pointing to the intensive consultations with Indian, Qatari and Russian officials, Bagheri emphasized, “Discussing bilateral, regional and international issues, reviving relations and holding consultative meetings with the relevant authorities of these countries were the main purpose of these visits”.

Speaking about his meetings with Russian officials, Bagheri said, “Iran and Russia enjoy good cooperation in the Caucasus area and their relations are not limited to the issue of Syria”.

He noted that the two sides reviewed bilateral ties in recent months.

The Iranian diplomat stated, “The two countries have a very good regional cooperation in the issue of Afghanistan to provide security for that country”.

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