Iran’s Roads Minister conveyed condolences to government, nation of Syria

Mehrdad Bazarpash, Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Chairman of Iran-Syria Joint Economic Commission, in a telephone conversation with Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Syria, expressed his sympathy to the Syrian government and nation following recent earthquake and conveyed condolences to the families of the victims. 

He further announced Iran’s readiness to supply and send humanitarian aid to Syria and transfer the injured to hospitals and medical centers.

Bazarpash, recalling the earthquake that occurred in Khoy in Iran and the death of a number of Iranians, appreciated the message of condolence of the Syrian government in this regard. 

Samer Al-Khalil, as the Chairman of the Iran-Syria Joint Economic Commission, while commemorating the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, said: “We appreciate the message of condolences and the expression of feelings of the Iranian government and people towards the Syrian government and people”. 

Samer Al-Khalil pointed out that Syria has had the cooperation and sympathy of Iran for many years and has seen the government of Iran by its side in difficult situations.

In the end, the two sides stressed on holding a joint meeting in the coming days to confer on developing cooperation between Iran and Syria. They also called the future of bilateral relations brighter.

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