Iraqi air force destroys group of ISIL elements in Diyala

These terrorists were destroyed by the Iraqi air force F-16 fighters, the Iraqi Air Force announced on Sunday said in a statement.
In the statement of this Iraqi air force, it is stated that the ISIL elements were hiding in Diyala.
According to the statement, in this attack, all ISIL elements were killed and their headquarters were also destroyed.
On Saturday, Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU), also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, managed to kill three ISIL terrorists who were hiding somewhere near an airport in Al-Hadar village in Nineveh.
ISIL, which attacked Iraq on June 7, 2014, and managed to capture about 45% of the country’s territory for a short period of time, was defeated in November 2017; However, since then, the remanent members of the terrorist group are still present and operating in Iraq and Syria and carry out terrorist activities from time to time.
Iraqi security forces keep searching, clearing, and chasing ISIL terrorists across the country to make sure that ISIL and its fugitive elements do not re-emerge.

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