Iraqi delegation to visit Iran with energy crisis on agenda

Washington has accelerated Iraq’s energy crisis by complicating the process of financial payments for importing gas from Iran, Jabbar Awdeh, one of the leaders of the coordination committee of Iraqi Shiite political groups known as “Al-Atar Al-Tansiqi” said, adding that this has led to a decrease in electricity production.

A delegation from the Iraqi government will travel to Iran in the coming days to discuss the case of gas imported from Iran and to try to create solutions to pay Iran’s assets as soon as possible.

Earlier on Monday, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Musa announced that Iran has cut gas exports to this country.

According to this Iraqi official, the cessation of Iran’s gas exports to Iraq has caused the gas distribution stations in Al-Mansouriyeh, Baghdad, Sadr, and some other regions to be limited or completely stopped.


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