Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news network, which is close to Resistance groups in West Asia,  reported on Saturday evening that, “The American base “Al-Tanf” located in the border triangle of Syria, Iraq and Jordan was once again targeted with drones.”
According to the report, the mentioned drones managed to fly over the American Al-Tanf base and make it to the target of their attacks.
In this regard, the Islamic Resistance Group of Iraq released a statement claiming responsibility for this attack against the American positions in Syria and announced that “the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, in response to the enemy’s crimes against our people in Gaza, attacked the American occupiers’ base in Al-Tanf in Syria with drones. They hit the target directly.”
The American bases in Syria and Iraq have been attacked several times by missiles and drones of the Iraqi Islamic resistance in the last few weeks.
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