Iraqi Kurdistan officials unwilling to enhance security: Iran envoy

Al-Sadegh told on Tuesday that the Kurdish officials consider the issue of the separatists as an ethnic matter and seemingly they do not want to drive away the terrorist groups from other Kurds.

The Iranian side handed over some 76 documents of activities of the armed groups to the Iraqi officials in Baghdad and Erbil, Kurdistan region, and they asked for a 10-day deadline to propose a schedule to meet the Iranians’ demands, the ambassador added.

According to the diplomat, the issue of a ground operation by Iran against the terrorist groups in Kurdistan is not on agenda, but we urged the Iraqi government to control borders, because those areas are not under supervision of Baghdad.

We asked the Iraqi government to set a timeline for disarmament of the armed opponents, and return them to camps, he noted.

The Iraqi government accepted two demands and demanded a deadline for the disarmament, the ambassador said.

Jabar Oudeh Javad al-Maamori, member of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, told Baghdad Al-Youm that more than 5k armed forces are present in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, and that they are being paid by foreigners.

Al-Maamori also said that the presence of the militants in this region is illegal, adding that their activities in the region causes foreign intervention and civilians should pay heavy price for their presence.

Mohammad-Sadegh Sedghian, a political analyst, told Iraq’s al-Ahd TV network that Iranian Kurds from Germany, Sweden and Denmark enter Iraqi Kurdistan region to train armed forces, and that some of military opposition leaders of Iran are there since 1991.


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