Iraqi officials: ISIS attacked Jurf al-Sakhr in Baghdad on Monday night

While local media claimed the blasts were caused by US airstrikes, Iraqi officials confirmed that the attack was an ISIS attack on infrastructure.

the attack of militants tower transmissions in southern Baghdad on Monday night, causing explosions that regional media to confuse the air strikes America to sites belonging to militants Popular Mobilization Forces in Jurf Al sakhar south of Baghdad reported The news was confirmed by Iraqi security media on Tuesday morning.
On Monday night, Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadin as well as Al-Hara and Al-Arabiya reported that one night after airstrikes on sites in the area targeted, explosions were heard near Jurf al-Sakhar. While al-Mayadin claimed that US airstrikes targeted sites belonging to the Iraqi armed forces, Al-Hawra and Al-Arabiya claimed that the sites targeted were belonging to Hezbollah’s book militias, the report said. Numerous deaths and injuries have been reported.

The Iraqi security media network on Monday night denied any attack on Iraqi security forces in the region and called on the media and bloggers to be careful in transmitting information and not to spread rumors.
A senior US defense official told Fox News that despite reports, no US airstrikes were carried out near Baghdad on Monday night. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has denied any reports of airstrikes in Iraq, Reuters reported.

According to Iraqi media, several logistics convoys supporting the international coalition were targeted by the IED early Monday. No casualties were reported in the attacks.
Militants in Iraq have repeatedly clashed with US forces in the country, targeting dozens of rocket attacks in recent years on the Green Zone in Baghdad, home to the US Embassy, ​​as militants in the area demand the withdrawal of US troops. These countries have become.

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