Iraqis hold anti-Ukrainian protests against Zelensky +VIDEO

At the same time as the foreign minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba arrived in Iraq, a group of people in the country marched while they were holding placards in their hands as a sign of protest, on which slogans against the Ukrainian government were written in English, Arabic and Russian languages.
According to reports by local media, slogans such as “Zelensky is America’s puppet” and “Death to NATO” were among the slogans that were seen on some placards today.

This morning, Ukraine’s foreign minister arrived in Baghdad at the head of a delegation of Kyiv officials and met and talked with Iraq’s foreign minister, Fuad Hussein. 
In his joint press conference with Kuleba, the Iraqi foreign minister pointed out that the main topics discussed in the conversation between him and his Ukrainian counterpart were bilateral trade and economic issues.

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