IRGC cmdr. warns of attempts to create chaos in Sistan Balochistan prov.

Pakpour was speaking at a gathering of Sunni and Shia clerics, as well as elders in Zahedan, the capital city of Sistan-Balouchestan province.

He called on the elderly people and heads of different tribes in that province to remain united and keep vigilant in order to prevent the enemies from achieving their goals.

The senior military commander said that the IRGC will firmly deal with anyone who tries to target the security of people.

Pakpour also warned of efforts on social media to portray an untrue image of Sistan-Balouchestan province, saying that the elders should be vigilant that the youth are not deceived by those efforts.  

He said that the southern province will not disintegrate, because people there attach paramount importance to Iranian soil.


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