IRGC humiliates apartheid Zionist regime, disrupts US domineering strategies in region: Iran

“Hostile measures by US regime against Iranians are countless. Different and diverse aspects of US administrations’ crimes against Iranian nation expose fake, political human rights gestures US officials and instrumental use of Human Rights,” Kanaani wrote on his official Twitter account.

“Devising coup d’état, providing support to 8-year imposed war, intentional downing of passenger plane, waging hybrid warfare, sponsoring MKO terrorists, imposing bans and maximum pressure against Iranians are only examples of US regime countless crimes against Iranian nation,” he added.

“The reason behind US anger at IRGC, spread of lies and baseless allegations against it is clear; IRGC is a pillar of Iranian national power, has humiliated apartheid Zionist regime and disrupted US domineering strategies in the region,” the spokesman went on to say.

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