Unfortunately, the enemy media resort to false news to justify the illegitimate and unjustified presence of extra-regional countries in the Persian Gulf, Rear Admiral Abbas Gholamshahi said.
On Monday, United States Navy claimed that its sailors and the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy came to the aid of a ship in the crucial Strait of Hormuz after IRGC allegedly “harassed” it.
The issue of providing security, aid, and timely response to requests for help from vessels and ships in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf will be definitely continued, Gholamshahi said in reaction to baseless news against the IRGC navy.
At the moment when the merchant ship called for help, no trans-regional vessel was present, and this claim was completely false, Gholamshahi said.
The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes its position that maintaining the security of the Persian Gulf is the responsibility of the countries of this region, he added.
Persian Gulf states enjoy the power and capacity to establish stable security in the Persian Gulf, and they do not need the presence of foreign countries in the region, he said.