IRGC to boost ground forces in western borders: Cmdr.

Pakpour said on Friday that the move will be carried out in line with preventing infiltration of terrorist teams affiliated to separatist groups deployed in Iraq’s northern areas.

According to the commander, following recent provocations by anti-Iran thugs and terrorist groups in northwestern of the country, the IRGC Ground Force will enhance their military presence in border areas of western and northwestern Iran in order to avoid smuggling of weapons into the Islamic country.

He also noted that the armed forces will make use of cooperation and coordination with patriot locals living in border areas in order to stand against elements trying to insecure the country.

The commander said that the armored units and special forces of the Ground Forces of the IRGC are being dispatched to the northwestern and western provinces at present.

The IRGC Ground Force launched a fresh round of missile and drone attacks on the headquarter of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and the Komala Party in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region in the early hours of Monday.

Last week, the IRGC Ground Forces also conducted a big operation by the use of drones and missiles against the terrorist groups in northern Iraq.


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