Brigadier General Alireza Tangsiri made the comments in an interview with Iranian media during which he talked about the new capabilities of the IRGC naval forces.
The commander announced that the vessels of the force have been equipped with different military equipment such as cruise missiles.
“The Abu Mahdi missile has a range of 1,000 kilometers. We have seen cruise missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers on the Shahid Mahdavi warship, which is domestically produced, and the name of this 2,000-kilometer missile is “Qadr 474,” General Tangsiri said.
He said that “Qadr 474″, are loaded on the Shahid Mahdavi and Shahid Soleimani-class vessels.
“We had another vessel called Zolfoghar, which is compatible with our combat vessels and missile launchers, and with a range of 5,000 miles from the coast, it was necessary to be equipped with missiles for air coverage. It was for the first time, that the Aerospace Organization of the defense ministry installed a vertical launch missile on a vessel. We test-fired it successfully,” he said.
Elsewhere, he said, “We have 12 missiles loaded on Shahid Soleimani’s ship and also 4 Navab missiles are loaded on Zolfoghar’s warship.”
“Three types of missiles will be loaded on Shahid Soleimani’s warship: The first type is medium-range missile is 200 km and 300 km. The second missile has a range of a 750-km and the third type are missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers,” the IRGC navy commander said.
He went on to say, “In addition to the achievements by defense ministry, we in the IRGC Navy has also prepared two types of long-range air defense missiles; One is the “Kowsar 200” missile with a range of 5-7 km, which is capable of destroying drones, cruise missiles and helicopters, and a “Kowsar 222” missile with a range of 17 km, which is installed on the Ashura and Zolfaqar warships.”