Accompanied by Ahmad Norouzi, head of the IRIB World Service, Jebelli arrived in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Friday.

“The visit is aimed at consultation towards [enhancement of] media interaction [between Iran and Lebanon] as a means of [better] representation of the resistance axis’ achievements,” Jebelli said upon arrival at Beirut Rafilk Hariri International Airport.

The IRIB chief hailed the broadcaster’s proper, punctual, and expeditious coverage of sensitive events across the countries that form the regional resistance axis.

The Islamic Republic boasts a “brilliant track record” in the area, he noted.

As cases in point, he cited the IRIB’s performance during Lebanon’s liberation from Israeli occupation in 2000 and the recurrence of the country’s victory against the Israeli regime in 2006.

Jebelli laid emphasis on the urgency of the existence of integration and synergy among the region’s media outlets in the process of coverage of the resistance’s victories.

“We hope for the trip to serve as a serious prelude to media cooperation towards re-establishment of the resistance’s achievements,” he stated.

Later during the trip, Jebelli met with Lebanon’s Culture Minister Mohammad Wissam Al-Murtada, expressing the IRIB’s preparedness for expansion of cooperation with the country’s Ministry of Culture.