Irish, German festivals to host Iranian ‘Three Sisters’

Directed by Iman Behrouzi, the 12-minute documentary is scheduled to participate in the Fastnet Film Festival in Ireland and the Freiburg International Film Festival in Germany.

The 15th edition of the Fastnet Film Festival will be held on May 24-28, and the Freiburg Festival will be held on May 12-21.

A meditative symphony on the city and death. The filmmaker returns to places where he, 18 years earlier, had made a film about suicide. Now, in the crowded streets of Tehran and in the city’s rundown corners with flanked walls, he searches for the reasons that had led three sisters to end their lives together, read the synopsis.

“Their lives summarized in a few sentences; sentences are all in the past tense, there is no future nor present.”

‘Three Sisters’ has already been screened at festivals in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Serbia.


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