Islamic Revolution challenges US’s fake hegemony: Iran cmdr

Bagher made the remarks in a message ahead of the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance in Iran to congratulate the Iranian school students the Pupil Day.

The text of the message is as follows:

13th Aban (November 4) is the national day of fighting global arrogance in three historical junctures, which as a driving force played a key role in promoting popular movements towards the Islamic Revolution.

One of them happened on November 4, 1964, when Imam Khomeini was forcibly exiled from Iran; the second one was in 1978, when school pupils were martyred by the US-sponsored regime; and the third one was the seizure of the “Den of Espionage” (the then US embassy in Tehran) on November 4, 1979.

I congratulate the great day, especially to dear pupils and future makers of the country.

Although it has been 44 years after the victory of the independence-seeking and anti-arrogance revolution by the Iranian nation, which led to the departure of the US and its vessel state, the Islamic Revolution has been able to challenge the fake hegemony of the US in the region and the world.

The hands of the colonial state (the US) are being cut off in different countries.

American strategists and thinkers have determined the countdown for the decline of the US, acknowledging that the unilateral world order led by the United States is experiencing its last days, which shows a multilateral world in the future, where the Islamic Republic of Iran would be one of the main players in it.

The secret of discord by the US and its regional allies against the Iranian nation is hidden in the point that just wait for dawn.


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