Islamic Revolution empowers women in Iran

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf made the remarks in a meeting on the topic of women and their participation in politics, which was held on Tuesday evening in Tehran.
The speaker said that Western culture objectifies women in the society and looks at women as a means.
Meanwhile, Ghalibaf said that “The Islamic revolution placed the woman at the center of the family and while it also brought women to the field of social issues.”
“Today, 40% of university professors are women, and women also occupy about 20% of managerial posts at different levels,” he said adding that in some university majors, the number of female students is much higher than the male students.
“No doubt, the revolution has shown and provided the opportunity for women to be present in various fields,” the speaker said.
He further said that the lawmakers in the parliament have approved a piece of legislation to further empower women in a safe and secure environement. 

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