Israel sought to restore deterrence through attack on Jenin

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah condemned the burning of the holy Quran in Sweden by an Iraqi Christian man affiliated with the Israeli Mossad.
He also  hailed Russia’s position regarding the Quran burning which embarrassed the West,  saying that Mossad is working on sowing discord between Muslims and Christians. 
According to the Hezbollah chief, the New Middle East scheme was foiled in Lebanon during July 2006 War.
All enemy leaders, and even the Americans, admitted their failure in July War, although some Lebanese did not, he said, adding that the July aggression was a war by all means and it determined the fate of Lebanon and the region during the past years and even the coming years. 
Nasrallah went on to say that July war laid the foundation of the balance of deterrence that has contributed to protecting Lebanon for 17 years now. 
Peace and security enjoyed in the South of Lebanon is the result of people’s confidence in the effectiveness of the deterrence power, however, ‘Israel’ suffers from awe, the Hezbollah leader noted.
August 14 marks the end of the brutal Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, which started on July 12 of the same year. Throughout 33 days, Resistance fighters heroically confronted the Israeli aggression.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the recent Israeli raid on Jenin, saying that the goal of ‘Israel’ behind its aggression on Jenin was to restore deterrence, but it had an adverse result on them.
Nasrallah also spoke about the Lebanese border incident, saying, “It is my understanding that there were two incidents on the border today. I am still waiting to receive all the details from the operatives in the field to understand what exactly happened.”
The Israeli enemy built the fence in Ghajar before the two tents were erected, he said, adding that the enemy is meant to avoid any violations, whether on land, in the sea or in the airspace; however, this was not maintained since 2006.
The Hezbollah Secretary General went on to say that one of the two tents is erected in an undisputed area, the other is behind the withdrawal line. “By erecting a tent in the Shabaa Farms, we are erecting it on Lebanese land. Immediately, international mediations set off after the tents were erected, ‘Israel’ dared not to carry out any military act against them.”
Israel must end its occupation of the border points, what’s taking place now is not a demarcation of the border land  Nasrallah stressed, adding that Ghajar will not be given up to the Israelis, there is not even a discussion in the fact that it’s a Lebanese land. 
The Hezbollah chief underlined that liberating Ghajar is the responsibility of the Lebanese people, state and resistance .”We should operate like we did over the maritime border to take back our occupied land in Ghajar.”
He elsewhere said that accusing the Shiite duo that it’s clinging to the presidential hopeful the head of the Marada movement, Suleiman Franjieh, to bargain on him and push presidency into vacuum is a mere lie. 
Claiming that Hezbollah wants to annul the Taif Agreement and wants parity between Muslims and Christians is an intentional lie and misleading, Nasrallah said, adding that Hezbollah does not want constitutional guarantees, our real guarantee is who’d be the president.
“We had confidence in General Michel Aoun, we trusted him and we had our back protected during the past 6 years. Dialogue should be held without conditions. We endorse Franjieh’s name, but we are open for discussions and dialogue. Put the issue of the resistance aside, we will not use our force to impose anything inside the country.”

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