“Palestinian youth are adapting to the new conditions and have just learned the rules of the war. They have created a quagmire for America and Israel not only on the battlefield but also in politics, intelligence and security,” he said in the central Iranian city of Isfahan on Thursday.   
“Gaza will become a burial ground for the Zionists. They used to fight inside fortifications and behind walls and thought that those walls would protect them from God’s wrath, but God’s punishment will reach them from where they don’t think,” he added.
“Today, they have crossed the walls and exposed their tanks to Palestinian youths who hunt the tanks and bulldozers from a short distance, so that 180 of their 1,600 tanks have been destroyed to date, which means more than 10% of them have been destroyed.”
Gen. Salami said Israel must expect more surprises like Operation al-Aqsa Storm which saw Palestinian resistance fighters overrun occupied territories in the single worst event in the history of Israel.  
“Just as the al-Aqsa Storm came from a place the enemy did not calculate, they must wait for other storms that will reach them from where they do not think,” he said.
“The Muslims of the world today are more empathetic than ever, and even in the non-Muslim world a world stands against America and its partners,” Gen. Salami added.
The IRGC chief said arrogant powers have joined hands in “a disgusting and very humiliating show”, waging war on children in Gaza which is a sign of the end of their empire.    
“The Zionist regime, the United States and some European countries have gone to war with babies inside the operating rooms of hospitals in Gaza, and they want to show that they are powerful by occupying the ICUs and CCUs.
“Isn’t it humiliating that the world’s largest apparent empires are proud of killing children and babies and consider the capture of hospital operating rooms as their field of victory?
“Isn’t it a shame that the world powers surround people in a barricade so that they could not get water, fuel and food? They hit fuel tanks and kill patients and are proud of their firepower.
MNA/Press TV