Israeli fighter jets fly over Beirut after a Hezbollah drone maneuver

Hours after Lebanese Hezbollah claimed responsibility for sending a drone into Israeli airspace, two Israeli fighter jets flew low over Beirut.

According to Daily News , Hezbollah in Lebanon says that the drone was able to pass through the Israeli air defense system and returned to Lebanon safely at the end of a 40-minute flight.

The Israeli Defense Ministry also said that a guided missile fired at the drone, but did not hit the target, and at the same time, the country’s fighters were sent to the area to hunt the drone.

Following the arrival of the drone and the firing of the anti-aircraft defense system on it, alarm bells sounded in a large part of northern Israel.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said in a statement: “The drone was sent for a reconnaissance operation and was able to penetrate up to 70 kilometers into Israeli territory and carry out reconnaissance missions.”

In recent days, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has warned of an increased possibility of drone strikes.

On Thursday, the Israeli air defense destroyed a Hezbollah drone on the border with Lebanon and another drone sent from the Gaza Strip.

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