Joint statement by intelligence ministry, IRGC: CIA project to destroy Iran defeated

In the joint statement issued on October 28 by the intelligence bodies of the country, the role played by the intelligence services of the enemies, and especially that of the United States in creating dissatisfaction in the Iranian society through the activities of their media, followed by the operational phase of the plot in appropriate time by the trained agents of them both inside and outside the country is elaborated.

It is emphasized on the point in the report that the western intelligence services had since many months ago prepared themselves for implementing this project that the death of Mahsa Amini and the events after it, turned the atmosphere ripe for implementing that broad-scale and complicated operation.

According to the issued report, among the moves made by the terrorist US administration, there was the establishment of a network called the Organizations of the Collaborators, whose apparent activities were in the human rights and promotion of democracy, but actually aimed at identifying and employing those who were ready and willing, and to use them as the pawns for social evolutions.

Elsewhere in the report, organizing of courses called “Training Coaches for Combination Wars” is revealed, that is under the command of the US Secretary of State, and the full support of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). And has many institutes, foundations, universities and think-tanks, which are apparently NGOs, as well as the usurper Zionist regime, and a number of European countries, which are all cooperating in this project with the CIA.

Elsewhere in the report, the 53 million US dollar budget to assist those organizations to implement CIA’s orders and create dissatisfaction and unrest in Iran is highlighted.

In the report also the role playing of social networks such as the Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp is mentioned, that all ignored the international rules and regulations, as well as the technical and legal directives, and did all their best to highlight fake news, intensify the dimensions of the combination war against the Persian language speaking society all over the world.

Elsewhere in the report, it is emphasized that the recent unrests in Iran were “the largest operation aimed at influencing” and in other words, “the media world war” designed and implemented against the Iranian nation. It is also reiterated that the enemy has not achieved any of its pre-defined objectives.


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