Kanaani: Region requires synergy of Iran, Egypt/ discussions underway with Libya

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani declared, “Egypt is an important country in the region that requires the synergy of both Iran and Egypt. Also, we believe that new measures should be taken to boost the ties but as you know Iran-Egypt relations are on the bilateral path and we have to assess the will of Egypt as well”.

When was asked about Iran-Libya ties, the spokesman stated, “Good discussions are underway between Iran and Libya. Our non-resident ambassador has recently talked to the Foreign Minister of Libya about expanding bilateral ties and resuming the operation of embassies in both Tehran and Tripoli”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasser Kanaani said that Iran is ready to exchange prisoners with the US and Washington’s technical problem in this case is up to them.

“If the American side has realistic behavior about exchanging prisoners, the measures can be taken as an absolutely humane issue. In addition, a written agreement had been made and signed by the official American representative in March 2022,” he added.

As referring to the resumption of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Nasser Kanaani said, “Both Foreign Ministries are making preparations for the meeting between Foreign Ministers of Tehran and Riyadh. We hope that this comes true in the near future based on the plans and goodwill”.

When was asked about whether the meeting would be held in the third country, he added, “We have reached an agreement in this case and we will announce in due time. Let me note that there is no obstacle for direct talks between Foreign Ministers”.

In response to the question about releasing Iran’s frozen assets in South Korea, Iraq and Japan, the top Iranian diplomat emphasized, “This issue is one of the most important topics that are being taken seriously in the realm of politics. We are opposed to blocking Iranian assets as this is an illegal action”.

He went on to say, “The US administration is never allowed to interfere in Iran’s legal and official bilateral interactions. Besides, the American government does not have the rights to use illegal means for disrupting Iran’s economical interactions”.

One of the questions posed during the press conference was the effect of Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement on settling Yemen crisis that Kanaani responded, “It is expected that alongside the new positive atmosphere between Tehran-Riyadh, positive effects in case of Yemen will be attained as well. Of course, we believe that regarding Yemen crisis, Yemenis should make decisions themselves”.

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