Kremlin denies claims Russia plots acts of sabotage in Europe

“These media outlets of the countries mentioned (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) are wrong in their conclusions. Once again, they prefer to blame everything on Russia without a reason,” Peskov told the media on Wednesday.
“We would prefer to see them pay more attention to the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines and the need for a transparent, urgent and broad international investigation into these unprecedented acts of terrorism and sabotage,” TASS quoted as Peskov saying.
Earlier, some Western media outlets reported a study by public broadcasters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland claiming that Russia allegedly had plans to sabotage against energy facilities in Europe, in particular wind farms.
Nord Stream AG on September 27, 2022, reported “unprecedented destruction” the previous day that affected three strings of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 offshore pipelines. Swedish seismologists recorded two explosions on the offshore routes of the pipelines on September 26. After that, the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office launched a case over an act of international terrorism. The Russian side has repeatedly pointed to the need for investigating the incident.

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