In the phone call, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, the two foreign ministers called the relations between the two countries growing and emphasized the will of the presidents of the two countries to develop relations as much as possible, a readout of the phone conversation issues by the Iranian foreign ministry said.
Referring to the developments in the Caucasus, the two sides paid attention to the recent conversation between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
As regards the Caucasus region, the framework of regional negotiations, including the so-called 3+3 format which consists of Iran, Russia, Turkey on the one side and the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia on the other side, was emphasized.
The two top diplomats also conferred on the holding of the second meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, Turkey and Syria.
Moreover, Amir-Abdollahian, expressed his surprise at the content of a paragraph about to the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf incorporated in the recent joint statement between Russia and the Persian Gulf countries in Moscow and emphasized Iran’s historical and eternal ownership of those islands.
“The independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran has not been nor will it be negotiable by any means,” he emphasized. 
The top Iranian diplomat further called the relations between Iran and Russia as having strong foundations and noted that nothing should be done to harm the deep relations between the two countries.
The Russian foreign minister, for his part, stressed Russia’s abidance by all the principles of the United Nations Charter, including the principles related to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, and emphasized, “The Russian Federation has no doubts about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran. and will fully respect it.”
Further in the call, the two sides emphasized the need to respect and preserve and strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries and also exchanged views on the final stages of drafting the text of the strategic agreement between Iran and Russia.
The phone call came a day after the Iranian foreign minister held a joint press conference with his Omani counterpart Sayyid Badr Albusaidi in Tehran on Monday where he said that pointed to the recent joint statement which was issued after the sixth ministerial meeting of strategic dialogue between Russia and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) in Moscow, and said that “We received explanations from the Russian officials in that regard but we consider them to be inadequate.” 
He stressed once again that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not compromise on its independence and territorial integrity.
“We will never tolerate the repetition of such a procedure in the statements and interference be it on the part of Russia or any other party in issues related to the territorial integrity of Iran.”
Amir-Abdollahian further stressed that the trio islands in the Persian Gulf will belong to the Islamic Republic of Iran forever.