Lorestan Red Crescent Pharmacy will be launched

The director of the Lorestan Red Crescent Society announced the opening of the only Red Crescent pharmacy in the center of the province in the next 10 days.
Sarem Rezaei followed the news by saying that over the next 10 days saw the opening of the pharmacy Red Crescent in the provincial capital will be, said after the follow-up continued in recent years, could launch permission pharmacy Red Crescent for the province to take.

He said that the pharmacy building is located in the green area of ​​Khorramabad Square, adding: with the opening of this complex in the coming days, services to the public will begin.

The director of the Lorestan Red Crescent Society stated that with the opening of the Red Crescent pharmacy in the province, all the medicines needed by the people will be distributed in this center, and specified: “There will be no problem in the shortage of special medicines.”

Rezaei also stated that the establishment of the Red Crescent Pharmacy is a serious and long-standing demand of the people of Lorestan, noting: “Fortunately, this important goal will be achieved for the people of the province after about 25 years.”

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