Maintaining peace in Asia as hub of global changes not choice but necessity: Iran’s President

In a speech addressed to the officials, professors and students of Peking University, Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi referred to the historical background of Iran-China relations, and said, “China get access to the other parts of the world through the ancient Silk Road, and this prosperity and welfare came through the passage of this trade route through the land of Iran, which is not only the most important route in facilitating trade and cooperation among different nations, but also as a cultural thread that has connected different societies together throughout history”.

Raisi further welcomed the Belt and Road initiative from the Chinese government and stated, “With the revival of this initiative in the new world, the two nations have once again reasserted their determination to strengthen friendship and take firm steps towards homogeneous development and strategic partnership for forming a promising future for the prosperity of human society”.

In another part of his speech at Peking University, the President stated that a new world is being formed and the old order is going away, adding, “The new world requires a new order in which real multilateralism, maximum synergy, solidarity and distance from unilateralism will spread as much as possible, so that finally a just order will prevail”.

Ayatollah Raisi said, “Considering that Asia is at the center of emerging global changes, maintaining and strengthening peace in this vast area is not only a choice but a necessity”.

Emphasizing that Iran’s power is a security-building power and its regional capacities support peace and stability in countries and are only used to deal with the threat of hegemonic powers, President Raisi added, “One of the strategic achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran is overcoming transnational challenges such as terrorism and extremism in West Asia”.

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