Mayor of Tabriz: We have run Tabriz with human – centered thinking

The mayor of Tabriz said: “We are looking to increase the viability of the city and we have managed Tabriz with human-centered thinking.”
According to, Iraj Shahin Baher stated: In the last four years, with the increase of public spaces in the city, the construction of neighborhood parks, the establishment of cultural centers and the creation of sidewalks, we have tried to have a livable and human-centered city.

He added: “A city from which its residents flee during the 3 days off means that it is not good for life, it has problems and is not useful.”

The mayor of Tabriz stated: In front of a city whose facilities and conditions are such that people enjoy being present meter by meter, even if it is closed, citizens walk and enjoy in urban spaces.

He pointed out: We tried to provide the ground for the presence of citizens in the city by increasing the visual beauties of Tabriz, developing green space and some other issues, and we will continue with the same thinking and policy until the last day.

Iraj Shahin Bahr expressed his hope that the next managers will advance the five-year plan and the 12-year vision of the city of Tabriz, which is based on the same human-centered and livable thinking.

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