Milley to visit Tel Aviv as US concerns grow over crisis

Thousands of Israeli reservists have suspended their service over their opposition to the right-wing government’s weakening of the country’s Supreme Court. Milley’s visit will enable the Biden administration to assess first-hand how deep the crisis inside the military goes, and whether it could have any implications for US forces in the West Asia region, Axios reported on Wednesday.
The Pentagon is concerned that the crisis facing the Israeli military could have negative implications for Israel’s deterrence strategy and may encourage Iran or Hezbollah to conduct military provocations that could escalate the situation in the region, a US official told Axios several weeks ago.
The crisis, especially within the Israeli Air Force, could have negative operational implications for US forces that closely cooperate with Zionist regime in the region. It could also compel the US to send more troops to the region.
Milley is expected to meet with Gallant, Halevi and other senior Israeli security officials, the Israeli officials said.
The reservists have made it clear that they will resume volunteer service only if Netanyahu announces he is suspending the judicial overhaul indefinitely.

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