Minister: Shared culture, literature, language linking Iran toTajikistan

Esmaili, who was speaking for elite literary figures of Iran and Tajikistan in Dushanbe, the capital city of that country, said, “I am quite delighted to have this opportunity at this exalted gathering and thank God for it.”

He said that the good poets and writers of the brother country, Tajikistan, the artists and all those who have in a way been related to literature, or are even interested in it, try to create new precious works in the prestigious Persian language in Tajikistan, which is praised all over the world.

Esmaili said that the contemporary Tajik poets refer to Iran as their roots, the origin, their ancestors, their motherland, the palace of the world, the light of the glass in which the whole world is viewed, the house of piety, the meeting place, the cradle for phoenix, the home for the brave, the throne of God, the land of eternal glory, the realm of love and piety etc.

Esmaili said that when the Tajik poets speak about the solidary between Iran and Tajikistan, they use the expressions, one soul in two bodies, two eyes of the same head, two shares of the same ocean, or two pistachio nuts in the same shell.

The event was a part of Iran Culture Week and attended by Iran Ambassador Mohammad Taqi Saberi and other ambassadors in Tajikistan, as well as a large number of Iranian residing in that country in the Opera-Ballet Hall of Dushanbe.


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