President Ebrahim Raeisi made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 5th edition of the Mustafa Prize held in the central Iranian city of Isfahan on Friday with the participation of 150 religious scholars from 40 countries.

President Raeisi congratulated the birth anniversary of Holy Prophet Muhammad on the Islamic nations and said that the Prophet attached great importance to observing ethical issues in pursuing science.

Raeisi went through terrible events such as the wars that the non-fruthful science has created for the world, noting that “Scientists who use science to destroy humans have non-divine science.”

He stressed that science and knowledge have to serve mankind, adding “If science is for making a fortune, colonization and exploitation, it will destroy the human being.”

“In the history of Islam, we witness that after the beginning of the mission of the Prophet, Islamic civilization started to form… The Islamic civilization reached its apex in the third and fourth centuries…. it changed the conditions and created a civilization…the world owes too much to the Islamic civilization,” President Raeisi further asserted.

“In Islamic Iran, it was proved that Muslims can progress a lot in the scientific field,” Raeisi concluded.