Mohammad Haj Sadeghi: The city of Isfahan once had the first word in breeding the champion of Zorkhane field

Read daylinews exclusive interview with Mohammad Haj Sadeghi, the secretary of the Zorkhaneh Committee of Isfahan province, as follows:

After the death of the head of Isfahan province’s Zurkhaneh committee, Mr. Zahrai, how is the condition of Isfahan province’s Zurkhaneh committee managed?
Greetings and courtesy to our dear readers; Before I say anything, I would like to offer my condolences to the Isfahan sports family for the death of a great man and a legend of the wrestling and powerlifting field of Isfahan province, which was and still is a great pain in everyone’s heart.

I have to inform you that Mr. Hosseini is currently the head of the delegation; I must point out that they themselves are well-known and veteran wrestlers in this field.

Before, Isfahan province and especially Isfahan city was the power house sports pole of Iran because of the many proud people it had introduced in the country, but unfortunately, at present the conditions of this field in Isfahan and especially Isfahan city are not very good compared to other cities of the province. It is not ahead compared to before; In your opinion, what could be the main reasons?

I must say that other cities of Isfahan have good activities such as Kashan; mouth Khomeini shahr ; Sin and also the 110 chain clubs around Isfahan are doing very well, but the city of Isfahan was at a time when they were the first in the province and even in the country, winning many titles. But unfortunately, at present, we have not provided any potential for the infrastructure of champion breeding in this deep-rooted field in Isfahan for the future of Isfahan city to continue the path in this proud field and champion breeding for the support of the new generation.

What is your solution to support the new generation?

Establishing an academy with a professional professional infrastructure and getting the privilege of a dedicated sports complex that we can under the supervision of the municipality; With financial support and good management and knowledge that in the form of management and policy-making, only focus on the subject of education, so that it can be professionally cultivated by attracting new generation and finding talent and proper training in the not too distant future.

Sports is a powerhouse of many benefactors, and if it is given enough support and attention to this field, it can also attract a sponsor and take a good future in this field, and coaches with knowledge in this field, in case of support and payment More time and motivation in the discussion of education; Consider talent acquisition and champion breeding.

Despite the myths; Name bearers and heroes who appeared in this field like you in this field in the field of management, according to the belief of many audiences of this field and with the knowledge that they expect a lot of progress from you as a hero who won good titles in this field you earned What was the reason for the lack of progress that was expected and did not happen?
One of the reasons for financial support in any sport is; As you know, we are currently facing many financial problems in terms of inflation and financial conditions, which have a significant impact on sports.

For example, if they offer me a low salary for training, I can’t accept it with such a lot of financial problems that I am facing. Despite the many offers I had, especially when we are married, he will not pay the expenses.

During this time when you were elected as the secretary of the board, did you receive any receipts?

So far, I have not received anything and even if it was necessary, I paid a fee; My financial income is from my father’s shop that I am with.
Many other sports are accepted, what is the reason for your lack of acceptance?

Well, this goes back to the board’s managerial point of view, which they think is appropriate that if there is no receipt, financially, I will not be able to spend useful time on the board, and the motivation is not high. It needs a proper salary.

What do you expect from the officials of Zorkhane field with all these problems ahead?

I ask the officials of the province and city to release a budget for this field and I ask all the sports authorities to think about the development of this field, so that all the legends and proud people of this field try to keep it and with programs Don’t allow financial and cultural support to leave this field.

So far, with all the problems you had since the beginning of your presence as the provincial secretary; Can you think of good plans?

Yes, of course, with the support of the municipality, the program titled Good Moon was held, which was held with a very good reception and reflection, for which I would like to thank Mr. Baidi; Incentives and executive factors that were done with good support. Of course, I must say that if we want the culture of wrestling, which is the main motto of this field of champion breeding, to be reflected more, it needs more support and financial attention, which should be included by all the relevant officials of the province.

In the end, if you have anything to say, please tell me.

Recently, with the entry of the Ministry of Education and the good meetings we had in Tehran, there will be a great support for this field at the country level by this Ministry, for which I express my thanks and appreciation.

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