Munir Azarnoshan: Qazvin Glass Club performed well in its first year in the Premier Handball League

Read daylinews exclusive interview with Munir Azarnoushan as follows:

How did you get into handball?

I was teaching in the high school of physical education. There was a school handball competition. I participated in the competition and was selected for the team.

Tell me about the beauty of handball sports?

About the beauty of handball, I can say that it is one of the most beautiful sports and when you play, it gives you energy to become stronger and be bold.

If you want to describe handball in one word or sentence, what would be your definition of it?

Being brave and belligerent.

Tell me about your sports goals now?

My first goal was for Qazvin to be in the Premier League one day, and with the efforts and hard work of the whole team, we achieved this goal, and the next goal is to win the Premier League.

Tell me about your team in your first year in the Premier League; how is it?

We are the youngest team in the Premier League, all the members of the team are young and we are all trying to become champions.

How do you see the level of the premier league this season of the handball premier league competitions?

All the teams came for the championship and the level of play is really good. As I said, our team is the youngest team and all the teams have a lot of experienced players and they are all trying to win the championship.

Give a meaning and a personal interpretation of professional culture?

In my opinion, an athlete must first have sportsmanship because the only thing that will always be remembered is having knowledge and being good people .

Tell me about the difficulties of handball?

Handball is one of the most injured disciplines and has very serious injuries, but sweet.

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