NIOC chief.: Development operation of Sohrab Oil Field to begin soon

Mohsen Khojasteh-Mehr added on Tuesday, the first day of Boosting Productivity of Oil and Gas Wells at Kushk Conference Center that the 3rd stage of the 14th Phase of the South Pars Field in Asalouyeh is now put to use.

He added that the 3rd stage of that refinery has received gas after passing units 104, 105 and 106, and pumped into the national gas network, while in mid-December this year, the next gas rows, too, will be put to use.

Khojasteh-Mehr said that the investment in refinery of Phase 14 of the South Pars was 2.5 billion dollars and implementing operation of the petroleum layer of the South Pars, too, will begin within the next fortnight’s time.

He said that beginning implementing the modern Ahvaz Boosted Productivity Center and development of the laboratory and research activities related to increased productivity in excavation of IOR and EOR by the NIOC, is in the operational phase and is a long stride in improvement of the upper hand Iranian oil industries.

He emphasized that the deep interactions between the country’s oil industries and the universities need to be established, reiterating, “The Petroleum Ministry in the framework of 40 megaprojects worth 12,000 billion rials and 65 million euros has signed contracts with the universities and scientific centers, most of which is allocated to the development of oil fields.”

He emphasized that the capacities of the universities and the countries technological innovations must be used in the country’s oil industries, arguing, “A noticeable number of wells, know as the low production wells, or shut down wells will be delivered to the knowledge-based companies to be put back to used at lowest expenses and in shortest possible time.”

The two-day conference is cosponsored by Tehran’s prestigious Sharif University and will end on Wednesday.


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