No. of Russian tourists visited Iran this summer doubled

Ria Novosti news agency reported on Tuesday, citing the data from the Russian mobile phone operator “MegaFon” on the data of Russian tourists who traveled to other countries, saying that “Iran and Saudi Arabia have become attractive destinations for Russian tourists, as the interest of Russian tourists to travel to Iran in the 2023 summer has increased by about 115% and to Saudi Arabia by 123%.”

The report said that those two countries offer fascinating cultural and historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

The United Arab Emirates has also become a popular destination among Russians despite the high temperature, which shows that Russians are ready to fight the heat.

The Russian media outlet continued by declaring that Europe is also a popular destination for Russian people’s summer holidays, saying that the portion of Russian tourists in Italy is 43%, Spain 36%, France and Germany are each 33% and Turkey’s portion is 27%, Russian summer vacation showed.

According to the report, Tunisia hosted three and a half times more Russian tourists in the summer of 2023 than in the summer of 2022, and Egypt recorded a 176% increase in Russian tourists compared to the previous year.

Accordingly, Russians’ trips to Cuba have increased 16 times and to Venezuela more than four times compared to last year.


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