Nuclear industry brought prestige to Iran: Senior cleric

Speaking during this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Kazem Sediqi praised Iran’s nuclear achievements. 
Referring to some of the achievements Iran has made so far in the field of the nuclear industry, the senior cleric stated that Iran has many mines, reserves and oil in the country, and nuclear achievements can be used in those industries. 
Stating that Iran faces water scarcity, he considered water desalination with the help of nuclear technology as a solution for the country.
He also considered nuclear industry very fruitful in the field of medical treatment, adding that it is useful in the treatment of certain diseases and cancer. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian senior cleric referred to the Iranian president’s visit to South American countries and added that the trip carried important messages. 
He went on to say that recovery of the local currency, with the rial retrieving some of its lost value recently, was the result of the economic diplomacy that the President Raeisi is pursuing on the international stage.
“Today, Saudi Arabia and the countries that used to be getting away from us, have come to the conclusion that Iran will bring security, dignity and power for its neighbors”, Ayatollah Sedighi noted, adding that by joining Iran, they do not need foreigners in the region. 
“The foreign agents, especially the Americans, must have come to the conclusion that they have no place in the region and should go away as soon as possible,” he concluded. 

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