Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian president’s special envoy for Afghanistan who is also the Iranian ambassador to Kabul, represented Iran in the Moscow Format meeting in Kazan.
Addressing the format, Qomi said “Rich Afghanistan and its zealous people have suffered irreparable losses. Today, the occupying forces – the United States of America and its allied forces – have remained silent in the face of all the problems they caused to Afghanistan and its honorable people with their inappropriate interference.”
“From the Islamic Republic of Iran’s perspective, it is essential that Afghanistan’s neighboring countries strive with unity, benevolence, and altruism, and adopt a collective and same stance to create conditions so that the region can get through the difficult path of fighting its challenges without relying on foreign elements,” the Iranian diplomat added.
He added that the current interim Taliban government in Afghanistan needs to try to fulfill a number of duties, including meeting the needs of all ethnic groups living in Afghanistan, Afghan refugees in neighboring countries, as well as tackling the problems of internal migration of ethnic groups, guaranteeing the rights of different ethnic and linguistic groups, and gender equality.
“Almost 2 years have passed since the complete withdrawal of the foreign occupying forces led by American terrorists from Afghanistan and assuming power by the Taliban, and this country is facing the consequences of two decades of occupation by the Western Axis, including a serious economic and humanitarian crisis,” the Iranian envoy further pointed out.