Official: Iran-Russia media cooperation necessary

IRIB’s Ahmad Nowruzi in his meeting with Sputnik’s Vasily Pushkov, referred to the great importance of having close and effective media cooperation, stressing that establishment of a joint media front to encounter the western media, and especially the NATO, is quite a dire need.

The deputy IRIB head for overseas affairs said that the meeting is a pleasant opportunity for further proximity between Tehran and Moscow in cultural field.

He reiterated that if up to now media cooperation between the two countries was important, today it has become vital for both countries, as it secures the national interests of Iran and Russia.

Sputnik’s Vasily Pushkov, too, said that Russia welcomes close cooperation with the IRIB, arguing that Iran and Russia have lots of commonalties and that he is very pleased that such commonalties have led to the establishment of a new atmosphere of bilateral media cooperation.

“We, too, are experiencing a similar media sanction status as Iran, and we hope cooperation with Iran will help us leave behind the difficulties for sanctions,” reiterated the Sputnik official.

Referring to the reopening of the Sputnik Office in Tehran, he said, “One of the most important responsibilities for me was the reopening of our Tehran office, and this will lead to stabilizing Iran-Russia comprehensive relations.”

The deputy head of Russia’s Sputnik news agency for international cooperation said that Russia has great enthusiasm for having media presence in Iran, adding, “Our reporters in Iran are familiar and have full command of Persian language and can thus establish good interactions with the Iranian media, hoping to establish professional interactions with them.”


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