Overturning of a trailer near the village of Afshar Jolfa resulted in one death and one injury

According to daily news report, Esmizadeh said in a conversation with our reporter, at 20:13 pm today, Friday, May 27, 2023, during a phone call with the control and guidance center of the fire operations of Aras Azad region and the report of the overturning of a trailer truck near the village of Afshar, the rapid response of the fire department of the station Martyr Abdulahi of Aras Azad region was immediately sent to the scene of the incident.

He added: The quick response of the fire department after arriving and securing and assessing the environment began to stabilize and release the injured, and after releasing the two victims of the accident, the only injured person was delivered to the emergency room and one deceased person was delivered to the judicial centers.

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