Pakistan ignoring Iran gas amid shortages before winter

Pakistan with more than 220 million population encounters a long and hard path to overcome energy shortages, which is expected to exacerbate in winter because the country is suffering from gas unbalance.

Pakistan’s new government has accused their predecessors of neglecting the opportunity to buy liquefied gas from other countries.

Experts believe that the Pakistani government have deprived the country of giant energy resources in Iran and the authorities have even shown incompliance to a gas pipeline deal with the western neighboring state; so, these policies ended up in the deterioration of the energy crisis and the decline of industrial activities in Pakistan.

Economic analysts are of the opinion that the finalization of the gas pipeline can help Pakistan overcome the energy challenge and lack of gas in the country; although, the giant pipeline project faces lack of seriousness from Pakistani officials.

Meanwhile, Pakistan procured gas from Qatar, while the Pakistani authorities complained the gas price was too high.

Procuring gas in winter would be a big challenge for Pakistani officials; so, Iran’s gas can be a cost-effective purchase for the neighboring country, which is suffering from different economic problems.

Musadik Masood Malik, Minister of State (Petroleum Division) has recently announced that the increase of gas consumption has prompted the government to issue new programs for management of gas supply.

There are some reports that say in some cities especially Islamabad people have started collecting firewood ahead of this winter.

The scarcity of gas at some CNG stations has affected people’s lives in provinces such as Punjab and Sindh.


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