Pakistan min. urges West to stop fomenting Iranophobia

The Pakistani minister told in an exclusive interview on Saturday that the West’s claims on backing nations and the principles of human rights are baseless, censuring the powers for intervening in internal affairs of other nations.

Our region has been witnessing Western powers’ military intervention and cultural incursion for several decades, he said, Iran and Pakistan are among the most important countries in the region, which are being threatened by such meddling.

The 74-year-old politician from Pakistan Muslim League went on to say that the West world pursues double standards when it comes to the countries in the West Asia region, and that they imposed unilateral sanctions and occupied the regional states; so, they are not in a position to speak about human rights in Iran.

The West resorts to such a hypocrite attitude in a bid to cover up its own domestic crises and social abnormality, he underlined, the Western states’ crocodile tears for riots in recent weeks in Iran are part of their propaganda campaign and Iranophobic project.

Pakistan believe that Iran’s establishment is based on Islamic principles and the teachings of the holy Quran; so, we are sure that the Iranian authorities give importance to their own people free from the West’s hue and cry, the politician noted.

The federal minister for human rights further said that Iran and Pakistan are supporting each other, and that both nations are victims of discrimination and hypocrisy of the Western powers in particular when it comes to human rights.

The West’s policy dictation for the independent states particularly Muslim nations is doomed to failure, he said, urging the Western states to be aware that their cultural incursion will bear no fruit for them and their elements.


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