Pakistani FM talks of bolstred ties with Iran, Russia

According to Pakistani news websites, the foreign minister of Pakistan made the remarks in an interview with Al-Jazeera during his recent visit to Iraq, where he reiterated that Islamabad was committed to enhancing engagement with Moscow. He maintained that they wanted to maintain neutrality over the Ukraine conflict.
According to the Pakistani The News website, he said Pakistan desired deep meaningful ties with Russia.
About ties with Iran, the foreign minister said that recently a border market was established at Iran-Balochistan border to encourage bilateral trade whereas, they were also working on electricity transmission from Iran to Balochistan.
Bilawal termed the restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran as a ‘positive development’.
“It is a positive news not only for the two countries, but for the whole region and for us,” he said, stressing that through engagement all the issues could be resolved paving way for peace dividends.

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