Palestine, al-Quds al-Sharif foremost issue of Muslim world: Iran FM

At the beginning of the meeting, Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mahdi Sobhani welcomed the foreign minister, his accompanying delegation and the Palestinian guests, stressing the importance and pivotal position of the Palestine issue in the Muslim world.

He expressed satisfaction with constant contacts and ties between the Iranian Embassy and officials of the Palestinian groups residing in Damascus.

The envoy also paid tribute to Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, who played a unique role in supporting the resistance in Palestine and the broader Axis of Resistance.

In turn, a number of officials of Palestinian groups delivered speeches on behalf of the participants during the gathering. They briefed the Iranian officials on the latest situation of Palestine and the occupied territories, appreciating the Islamic Republic for its unwavering support for Palestine and its nation and resistance.

They also paid homage to General Soleimani over the precious role that he played in supporting the Palestinian cause and in promoting the resistance.

For his part, the Iranian foreign minister voiced satisfaction with the cordial meeting with the senior Palestinian officials and figures living in Syria.

Amir-Abdollahian paid respect to the martyrs of the resistance front including General Soleimani, the most prominent among them.

He said the convening of the session in the Syrian capital is indicative of stronger convergence and unity in the axis backing Palestine.

The top Iranian diplomat described Palestine and al-Quds al-Sharif as the foremost issue of the Muslim world, saying Palestine will remain a top priority for the Islamic world until the formation of a Palestinian government in the entire ancient Palestinian land, with al-Quds al-Sharif as its capital.

The chief Iranian diplomat said the United States and its allies have, for many years, unveiled plan after plan, such as the Oslo Accords, the New Middle East, the Great Middle East, the Deal of the Century and the Abraham Accords, but the Palestinian nation and resistance sent all the schemes to the dustbin of history through unity and convergence.

Operation Saif al-Quds proved that the resistance and Palestine are alive, Amirabdollahian added.

The foreign minister said even the 2023 World Cup also showed that Palestine is alive and the normalization of Arab-Israeli ties is not worth a penny.

He referred to the formation of a new administration in the occupied territories, saying changes of names and figures lead to no change, but posts in the Zionist regime change hands from one extremist to another, causing extensive social and security problems and crises inside Israel.
Of course, extremists lead to greater convergence inside Palestine between the resistance and the Palestinian people, the Iranian foreign minister said.

“We get the message from meetings with Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Secretary General of the Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement Ziyad al-Nakhaleh in Lebanon and the gathering with the Palestinian brothers in Damascus, including officials of Hamas and all the participants, that the resistance is in its best shape,” he said.

He said certain parties recently conspired to try to weaken the Islamic Republic though meddling and fueling riots in Iran and wage a full-blown hybrid cognitive war against the country, but the plots faced defeat thanks to God and the vigilance of the Iranian people.

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