Palestinian cause issue of freedom-seekers in world

In a message to the 4th edition of the International Holy Quds Congress in Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that the Muslim world agrees that resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine.
Describing Quds Day as the major symbol of the Islamic world’s vigilance against the Zionist regime, he said that some seek to turn the blind eye to measures of the regime against Palestinians throughout history.
Millions of civilians in Palestine have been laid siege, he said, raising the question of whether it is fair to witness the sorrow of the people and attribute their fate to history.
The states that both resort to compromise and pretend to support the Palestinian cause are isolated in the Islamic Ummah, he pointed out.
The issue of Palestine has not been forgotten in the world, the official said, noting that Muslims seize the opportunity to raise awareness to this end.
People in the world, for instance, took the chance in Qatar World Cup and showed their solidarity with the oppressed nation of Palestine, Ghalibaf elaborated. 
Some regional states, sadly, have been seeking to normalize relations with the Zionist regime over the past years, he stated.
He underlined that the regime is deceitful to its allies, adding that establishing ties with the fake regime will not lead to bringing security to the region. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, he underscored that it is only the main inhabitants of Palestine of any ethnicity and religion who can make a decision on the future of their country.
The 4th edition of the International Holy Quds Congress kicked off in the capital city on April 10.

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