People in West paying for their leaders’ mistakes: Peskov

Commenting on The Spectator’s (a British weekly) article on the ineffectiveness of the West’s policy, the Kremlin spokesman said, “More and more analysts [in the West] are trying to argue about the effectiveness of the West’s policy, about the effectiveness of the [anti-Russian] sanctions.”
“It is more a good thing than a bad thing when people ask questions and reflect,” TASS quoted him as saying.
“We would like people in the collective West to know that they have to reap the consequences of the erroneous, wrong and ineffective policy of their leaders,” Peskov stressed, adding that “the more people are told about this, the better.”
On Thursday, The Spectator published an article saying that Western countries had failed to achieve their goals by unleashing an economic war on Russia after it had launched the special military operation in Ukraine.

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