Political, security and social deputy of Lorestan governorate: Lorestan is in the fourth place in the country in terms of bad corona situation

The political, security and social deputy of Lorestan governorate said: “In today’s meeting of the National Headquarters against Corona, we witnessed reports that, unfortunately, did not have good news about the situation in the country’s provinces.”

According to the daily news, Dr. Mahmoud Samini stated: With the announcement of the National Corona Headquarters, Lorestan is in the fourth place in the country in terms of bad corona condition and the observance of health instructions in the province has decreased and the number of hospitalizations has increased. Is .

He added: “According to the conditions of the province, the Crohn’s smart restrictions of occupational groups 2, 3 and 4 will be extended for another week in the province, which requires people, merchants, marketers and executive bodies to cooperate in their implementation.”

The Deputy Governor of Lorestan, while thanking the cooperation of merchants and bazaars, stated: The received reports indicate non-observance of health protocols in some guilds and groups that are allowed to operate in the current situation, such as bakeries, butchers and supermarkets. It is emphasized that the supervision in this field should be increased so that legal action can be taken in case of any violation.

Dr. Samini further reminded: According to the decision of the provincial headquarters, the start time of the executive bodies will be from 9 am and the departments, according to the type of services in the current situation, will use one third of the staff capacity at work and the rest from afar. Use something.

He emphasized: We ask our esteemed compatriots to cooperate in controlling and controlling the disease by observing the health instructions and avoiding attending gatherings, mourning, dormitories and gatherings in parks and gardens, so that we can make good use of these conditions. Let’s get out.

It is worth mentioning that at the end, the meeting of the provincial headquarters against Corona was chaired by Dr. Samini and attended by the members of the headquarters in the form of a video conference, which presented a report by the heads of the provincial committees on the situation in the province.

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