Pres. Raisi: Supporting rioters, terrorists, no to benefit of US or west

President Raisi who was speaking at his cabinet session, meanwhile, commissioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to adopt diplomatic and legal strategies, and take necessary steps aimed at nulifying the seditions plotted abroad, and encountering them effectively.

Referring to the guidelines proposed by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday, President Raisi said, “The government, as one of the parties addressed in those guidelines, feels strongly committed to spend double-efforts to serve in various fields of resolving the people’s problems, create social jubilance, and generate hope in the country.”

The president said that the enemy, which is injured by the Islamic Revolution, has designed a complex war aimed at disrupting the country’s progress by harming security, economy, education, and production in our country, and the enemy is now in the field.

“Side by side with the executive organization’s double-efforts aimed at serving the people to a greater extent and better, the security, disciplinary, and judiciary organizations, too, have great responsibilities to preserve the people’s security and the country’s capitals,” he added.

President Raisi said it is very sad and heartbreaking that the children, women, men, and guardians of security are martyred by the rioters, and the concerned offices must in accordance with the laws deal with the rioters, and block the path of the terrorists and the rioter who intend to target the lives or destroy the properties of the people, and these are public demands, which need to be done urgently.

The Iranian president said that the propaganda  and mind-manipulation of the enemy against the Islamic system through broadcasting false news and fake narrations in recent incidents make it quite necessary to broadcast news wisely, transparently, precisely, and on time, by our media and other concerned organizations.

President Raisi said that the US, France and some other European countries obviously supported the terrorists and the rioters, and warned them that supporting terrorism will definitely not be to their benefit.

Elsewhere in his remarks at his cabinet meeting, Raisi expressed certainty that the national football team will fill the Iranians hearts with joy with their mighty presence in the Qatar World Cup games.

“I am sure the players in our country’s national football team with their brave, noble and pride-inspiring presence in that important field will do all their best to present a good performance to fill the hearts of the Iranians with joy,” he added.

He also wished Qatar good luck for optimum level hosting of this round of the football World Cup.


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