Process of Zionist regime destrucion has begun: MFA

Considering May 14, 1948 as a reminder of one of the most painful tragedies in human history and the formation of a cancerous tumor in the heart of the Islamic world and the strategic region of West Asia, the Iranian foreign ministry’s statement added, “This ominous phenomenon has caused the longest and saddest political and human crisis in the last hundred years of the world and widespread insecurity in the region, organized occupation and cruel usurpation of Palestinian land, genocide of Palestinians and violation of the most basic human rights of the original inhabitants of that holy land in the past 75 years.”
“In this tragic historical tragedy, the anniversary of which is rightly named Nakba Day, the Zionist apartheid regime was formed, which has caused the displacement of several million Palestinians as the original residents and owners of Palestine from their ancestral land,” it continued. 
Referring to the fact that the killing machine of the Zionist criminal regime has never stopped in the last 75 years, the statement further added that, “The martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese and citizens from other countries and military invasion of the surrounding countries of Palestine and the occupation of parts of the territories of the countries in the region are only a part of the crimes of this brutal regime.”
Elsewhere, the statement points to the deterrence power of the Palestinian resistance groups and considered it as the pteotecting shield of the Palestinian nation against the brutality of the Zionist regime. “Today, the resistance is in its best condition and the Zionist regime is in its worst condition in the past 75 years as a result of helplessness against the power of the resistance on the one hand and internal multi-layered divisions and rows on the other hand, and the process of destruction of the Zionist provisional regime has begun,” the statement pointed out. 
“No doubt that the unity and integration of the Islamic Ummah and the resolve of all freedom-loving governments and nations around the world in supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation is a necessity and a duty and is considered an added value for the liberation struggles of the Palestinian nation,” it added. 
The statement went on to say, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in addition to announcing renewed solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation and congratulating them on their outstanding victory in the recent battle against the Zionist criminal regime, and re-emphasizing the support of the resistance and legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people in the path of liberating the occupied territories and forming independent and unified government in the entire historical land of Palestine with the capital the Holy Quds as the capital and considering the ineffectiveness of all the political plans presented in the last three decades due to the lack of attention to the main roots of the crisis, once again emphasizes on its democratic solution to solve the old Palestinian crisis, which is to return all Palestinian refugees to their ancestral land and hold a public referendum with the participation of all the main residents of this land, including Muslims, Christians and Jews in order to exercise the right to self-determination and determine the type of political system.”
“Also, while condemning the crimes committed by the child-killing Zionist regime against the residents of Gaza, who have been under siege for more than eighteen years in the largest natural prison, the Iranian Foreign Ministry considers these crimes to be a blatant violation of international principles and laws, as well as a gross violation of human rights, which come amid the silence and inaction of the international community. It also considers the Zionists and the false claimants of human rights to be the cause of the arrogance of this fake regime and emphasizes the necessity of punishing the officials of the Zionist regime as the perpetrators of these inhuman crimes”, the statement concluded. 

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